Kraken Warrior/Water Mage



Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigor d6

Edge – Arcane Background: Magic (Water)
Edge – Kraken bone sword and armor

Hindrance – Heroic (major)
Hindrance – Enemy (minor)
Hindrance – Vow (minor)

Spell casting d8
Fighting d8
Notice d8
Healing d6
Boating d6
(Swim d6)
Knowledge d4

Spells – blind, burst, heal

He’s a young kraken who has just now joined the non-kraken world. His father was a captain of one of the lost Great Ships and he inherited the swords and armor from him. He has spent time training with his people and his fathers friends and is now ready to make his way in the world to end the threat to the world, save his people, and avenge his father.



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